. Modern Coin

3 Stages ICO



10% sales in Pre ICO

MRDN Coin price $1

Limited supply of Pre ICO

Stage 1 (Active)


50% sales in Stage 1

MRDN Coin price Accoring to Demand

Limited supply of Coins

Stage 2


30% sales in Stage 2

MRDN Coin Sales at Own Exchange

Limited supply of Coins

Stage 3


10% Sales

MRDN Coin Sales at Public Exchange

Start as per white paper




What is Modern coin?

Modern Coin is a new cryptocurrency with trading, leasing, staking and networking platforms designed to provide great benefits for both short and long term. The number of coins is limited to only 20 million coins with ICO Crowdsale limiting 2 million coins plus 20% for token sales commissions. The Modern coin system creates an ecosystem of supply and demand that affects price increases using the best concepts and innovations of the future.

  • Experienced team software and business developers on cryptographic platform.
  • Skill-set from design and development to marketing.
  • Our mission is to create a reliable business system on blockchain for sustainable benefits for all users.

Why participate in Modern coin (MDRN)

Modern Coin is the world’s first blockchain & digital currency option for participating in the production of organic agriculture.

  • The deficit of fruits and vegetables import& export to South East Asia Market is estimated at 500 hectares, and the consumption is increasing.
  • In the medium term, our team is planning to increase the production area to 1,000 hectares.
  • Our business is easy to scale and it is growing into a serious player in the Asia fruits and vegetables market.
  • Modern plantation is a real proof asset with blockchain inside. It is new technology of the digital currency and agricultural sector.
  • This is the first generation of leasing plus binary program in the world.
  • MDRN are going to setup an exchanger with a multi tier affiliate program which helps our users generate masive income.





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Yes - starting on the 10.03.2018, 2 Million MDRN will be sold via the pre-sale which will last 60 days. If all 2 million Coins are not sold during the pre-sale, the remaining Coins will be sold during the main Coin sale.
We do not tie the agro-industry to the blockchain, we use the capabilities of a blockchain to raise investment (crowdfunding) and arrange transparent payments to investors in the future.
Currently we accepting BTC currency.
$100 USD is the minimum investment amount. The maximum investment is $100000 USD.


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